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Menopause, a word dreaded by women because of all the problems it brings, is a natural transition in a woman’s life. It is marked by the cessation of her period. While this so-called change of life brings a welcome relief from the monthly woes caused by periods, it brings with it its own set of challenges. You can prepare yourself better for these challenges by knowing what is in store for you. There are about 34 menopause symptoms that women usually experience and knowing more about these 34 menopause symptoms will help make your menopause more bearable.
34 menopause symptoms
Here is a list of these 34 menopause symptoms:

1. Aching or sore joints; possible carpal tunnel syndrome
2. Anxiety
3. Breast tenderness
4. Burning tongue and/or roof of mouth; consistent bad taste in mouth; dry mouth; change in breath odor
5. Changed body odor
6. Constant irritability
7. Difficulty in concentrating; feeling disorientated or confused
8. Disturbed sleep
9. Disturbing memory lapses
10. Dizziness
11. Dry vagina
12. Worsening of existing medical conditions
13. Excess fear, especially of death
14. Excessive fatigue – Learn more here
15. Gastrointestinal distress in the form of indigestion; flatulence; gas pain; nausea
16. Gum problems, especially increased gum bleeding
17. Baldness or thinning of hair; increased facial hair
18. Heavy depression; extremely low self-confidence
19. Hot or cold flashes; excessive sweating at night; a general feeling of clamminess
20. Increased allergies
21. Increased muscle tension
22. Increased or decreased headaches
23. Irregular periods
24. Itchy, crawly skin
25. Osteoporosis (after several years)
26. Partial or complete loss of sexual desires and sexual drive
27. Periods of rapid heartbeat
28. Softer fingernails that crack or break more easily
29. Sudden bloating
30. Sudden feeling of electric shock under the skin and in the head
31. Sudden increase in weight
32. Sudden mood swings and tendency to cry at the drop of a hat
33. Urge for indulging in extremities
34. Urge incontinence, for instance: you cannot control your urge to urinate and leakage occurs; other forms of incontinence, especially upon sneezing or laughing

Therefore, if you are a woman in your middle age and are experiencing all or many of the above-mentioned 34 menopause symptoms, consult your doctor as soon as possible. Menopause can be a very difficult time for a woman but it does not mean the end of her happy life.

Identification of the symptoms and consulting a doctor will help you find ways in which you can make this terrible phase of your life much more bearable than you even thought possible. And, a few changes in your lifestyle and diet will also go a long way in handling some of the 34 menopause symptoms more effectively and making menopause a bit more manageable.

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The information in this article is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice.