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NAMS Menopause Clinician List for the USA

NAMS Canadian Menopause Clinician List

NAMS International Menopause Clinician List


American College for Advancement of Medicine

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

American Holistic Medical Association

Professional Referral Network

American Academy of Environmental Medicine

Institute of Complementary Medicine

Professional Compounding Pharmacists

The Natural Hormone Institute of America

United Kingdom

Institute of Complementary Medicine

Natural Progesterone Information Service


Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine

From the side menu bar select ‘Referrals’ to get access to a list of nutritionally trained doctors throughout Australia, many of whom have experience in Natural HRT.

American Academy of Environmental Medicine

This site provides an international listing of doctors specializing in Environmental Medicine (the comprehensive, proactive and preventive strategic approach to medical care dedicated to the evaluation, management, and prevention of the adverse consequences resulting from Environmentally Triggered Illnesses).

International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists

One of the best referral places to source a GP who is prescribing bio-identical HRT is via a compounding pharmacist in your area. They, after all, fill the prescriptions.

Redwood Australia

Redwood is Australia’s largest education company in the field of Natural/bio-identical Hormone Replacement. Through it’s education programs it has contact with a large network of skilled doctors throughout the country specializing in this field. Patients wishing to find doctors in their area can contact Redwood for free referral to a qualified doctor.

Analytical Reference Laboratories
Health Services Manager, ARL or phone: (613) 9529 2922

Colm has offered to help women throughout Australia locate a medical practitioner who is skilled in the use of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement.

Dartnell’s Pharmacy

Project Aware
Project Aware provides a Preferred list of healthcare providers – MDs, nurse practitioners, naturopaths, midwives, and others who have been recommended by their patients. Other providers include open-minded professionals who are willing to listen to and work with the patient regarding a full spectrum of health options.

Try this Menopause Home Test
How can you tell if your symptoms are menopause related? One way is to use a FSH home test. This test can give you a good idea as to whether or not the symptoms you are having are perimenopause or not.

Frequently Asked Questions about Menopause
Here are some of the most often-asked questions regarding menopause. If you have one that isn’t answered here, just email us from the contact page.