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By Nathalie Fiset

Night sweats are common during pre menopause and menopause. They are characterized by a sudden rise on the overall body temperature and a general feeling of discomfort. There are many solutions to menopause night sweats, most of them being natural. One has to realize that this phenomenon due to the estrogen and progesterone hormone imbalance happening during menopause subsides after a certain period.

Night sweats should not be confused with a fever which will generally be of longer duration. A woman should consult her physician if she suspects she is experiencing menopause night sweats to get the proper exams and help.

What is a woman to do in the meantime if she is experiencing menopausal night sweats? For one, living a healthy life style with the proper diet and exercising is a great start. Next, ceasing all unhealthy habits like smoking or alcohol abuse will also help maintain a healthy body. Next, adapting a woman’s life to being ready for whenever night sweats happens needs to be part of her daily routine.

Choosing the appropriate bedding for one’s bed is of major importance. Fabrics that retain heat like flannel or wool can make menopausal night sweats worst. A lighter and more natural fabric such as cotton can diminish the number of episodes of night sweats a woman experiences. Also, having the possibility to peel off layers of sheets can be of great help and will also insure that the menopause woman’s spouse is not left shivering of cold if the blankets are pushed aside.

Another very important factor in preventing menopausal night sweats is to choose the proper sleeping clothing. Again a flannel pajama will feel very uncomfortable to a woman experiencing an episode of night sweats. A light pajama made of cotton will usually prove more comfortable. Menopause might also be the occasion to get out the baby doll. Besides the fact that a woman will feel less uncomfortable if she experiences menopausal night sweats, she might also put back the romance in her life.

In the case of a strong very uncomfortable episode of night sweats during menopause, cracking-up open a window will prove to be a fast and very efficient solution. A woman might also try to keep a wet face cloth on her night table and just sponge herself to comfort if she experiences night sweats during menopause. She can also decide to buy at her local pharmacy those water atomizers and just spray her face to coolness.

Night sweats during menopause are not dangerous and can be controlled with the appropriate preparation. Every woman going through peri menopause should feel assured that this phenomenon is temporary and will resolve in itself with time. Making certain to be comfortable when menopausal night sweats occur is of major importance and will insure that this transition stage is lived peacefully.

Menopausal night sweats can also be triggered by a bad dream or nightmare. To diminish the risk of experiencing such nightmares, it is best not to listen to stressful television program just before going to bed. Another good habit is to avoid caffeine or eating at least two hours before going to bed. Taking classes such as relaxation, yoga or having a soothing massage can also help lower the level of stress a person feels and hence diminish the number of nightmares she experiences.

In conclusion, night sweats are common in menopause and can be dealt with by taking the proper preventive measures.

Joining a support group composed of women in their menopause years can be of great value. If such a group does not exist in one’s area, becoming a member of an internet forum can be very helpful. Making certain that this forum is composed of women who are also interested in sharing about menopause symptoms such as night sweats is of major importance.

Dr Nathalie Fiset is a family doctor and a certified hypnotherapist.

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