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By Nathalie Fiset

The most common signs and symptoms of menopause is the occurring of irregular menstruation and eventually the cessation of a woman’s period altogether. Hence, irregular vaginal bleeding is a common sign and symptom of menopause. A woman experiencing such irregular menstruation should consult her qualified physician for proper diagnosis and help.

Other signs and symptoms of menopause that occur frequently include a general sense of fatigue. This increased tiredness can be caused by many factors such as insomnia, variation in hormone levels or increased anxiety brought on by menopause. Hence, increased anxiety is a sign and symptom of the menopause that many women find difficult to deal with. Asking for support and help by the proper caregivers can be very positive.

Other signs and symptoms of the menopause that are often seen include vaginal dryness. Due to the decreased level of estrogen and progesterone released by the ovaries a woman can experience this sign and symptom of the menopause. A vaginal lubricant sold at the local pharmacy can be of great help. Patient and slower sexual relations can be very gratifying for a woman going through menopause. If the problem is more disturbing, consulting one’s physician will be helpful.

Experiencing mood swings is the sign and symptom that has been feeding many stand-up comic’s material. Although a subject of laughter and easy jokes, mood swings is a sign and symptom that needs to be addressed and dealt with. A woman going through menopause and mood swings can feel like she is not being understood by her entourage. She can therefore ask for help and support from women who have successfully gone through this disturbing Signs and symptoms of the menopause.

A sense of loss or even grief is often felt by a woman going through menopause. The fact that she can no longer conceive or give birth can cause a woman to feel like she is loosing this important role in her life as being a caregiver.

To counter-act such inconvenient signs and symptoms of the menopause, a woman can decide to start doing volunteer work. She can then decide to help elderly people, do volunteer missions in foreign countries or even volunteer for an abandoned pet shelter. In doing this, she will regain self-esteem and will be able to keep active while helping others.

A woman can also decide to travel during this transition phase of her life. Menopause is a time of self-reflection and the perfect occasion for a woman to pamper herself. Most signs and symptoms of the menopause will not be incapacitating enough to prevent her from achieving her desired trips.

Living a healthy live style by eating properly, exercising regularly and avoiding smoking is a very good way to diminish the overall effect of any Signs and symptoms of the menopause.

Renewing old friendships with women who are also going through Signs and symptoms of the menopause can be of great value. One can be surprised to realize that most old friends will be more than happy to renew the link and enjoy talking about life in general and sharing tips and tricks to cope with any given signs and symptoms of menopause.

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The information in this article is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice.