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Yoga, which is more than 5,000 years old Indian tradition, has become immensely popular in the United States of America. Americans have discovered the art of relaxation through this practice.

Since its popularity is soaring by the day, a number of “yoga schools” have mushroomed all over the USA to provide the relaxing benefits to the millions of Americans.

A number of classes are conducted through adult education programs and at various centers located in different states. You can get information about your local centers on the internet. There are also many private teachers who conduct classes to give you personal attention.

Though you may be very keen to do these stretching exercises, the key is enrolling in a right class for you which ideally has an expert instructor who looks into your personal needs. It is also important that you must also know your personal limitations and goals.

Though the advantages and disadvantages are well known, very little is known about what makes a good instructor. Before choosing any class you have to find the right instructor that understands what you want to accomplish with your individual practice.

There are a number of important aspects that you should look for in an instructor. The instructor should at first glance identify whether you are doing the pose right and if not he/she should be able to modify or correct the pose.

A good instructor should warn a student which exercise should be done and not to be done depending upon your physical and mental condition. It’s possible to hurt yourself by doing the poses wrong. An instructor should encourage students to know their limitations and advise remedial measures for improving them depending on any conditions such as arthritis etc.

Look for a qualified yoga instructor with credentials and references.

You should find out the number of students in a potential class. A class with less than 30 students is preferable so that the instructor can give you personalized attention. See if you can join a class on experimental basis to gauge the expertise of any yoga instructor before deciding on the choice of exercises.

If you are a beginner, don’t make the mistake of taking an advanced class. You should also look for the type of class that are being conducted which are suitable for stretching and relaxation; not aerobics.

If you are looking for fitness through yoga then you can join a yoga class held at a fitness facility. If you are looking to be an expert yourself then you should look for a place which is solely dedicated to teaching relaxed postures and the higher, mental yogas.

Do you have a health-related problem that you are want answers to?  If you are looking for yoga to help you heal a disease, something like a yeast infection, or just to maintain your current good health, visit this website for more information.  If you are having any physical handicap or respiratory problem it is advisable to get yourself medically examined. Even if you are not having any disability, medical check up is advisable before undertaking any yoga classes.

The information in this article is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice.